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We are a group of young people striving to offer the best in Leafy Vegetables.

We focus on the next generation to cook greens without any hassle.

we decided to create and offer you ready cook greens in premium quality and incredible taste.

We Made cooking greens Simple.

Our Products

Directly from the farm, freshly grown for our clients.

s no product price
1 Arai Keerai Rs. 25/ Pack
2 Siru Keerai Rs. 25/ Pack
3 Mulai Keerai Rs. 25/ Pack
4 Palak Rs. 25/ Pack
5 Ponnakani Keerai Rs. 25/ Pack

Price List

Quality is the Heart of everything we do. Right from seeding to harvesting the Greens, we strictly maintain the standards of FSSAI. Our Greens are handpicked, 3 times Washed with ozone Technology and Hygienically Packed. We are dedicated to provide you a World class Greens.

These prices are subject to change without notice.


Country greens should be refrigerated at all times until cooking. For optimal freshness, greens should be cooked within two days after opening. (We do not recommend freezing)

Country Greens are thoroughly washed in ozone technology and are sold ready-to-cook as a result; it is not necessary for you to wash the greens but Check the leaves before cooking. Nevertheless, rinsing your greens again will not damage the greens in any way.

We do not recommend Cooking a greens after the "Best If Used By Date." Like all fresh greens, Country greens have a limited shelf life (even when refrigerated), and the "Best If Used By" instructions should be observed.

Country greens are kept fresh through carefully controlled refrigeration at every stage of production. In addition, Country greens are washed, cut, packed and shipped in refrigerated containers within 24hrs hours of harvesting. To further ensure freshness from farm to table, the greens are packed in specially designed bags, which allow the greens to maintain freshness for an extended period without the use of preservatives. This see-through bag also allows you to inspect the greens in the supermarket, and we recommend you do so in order to guarantee the freshest product on your table.

Country greens use advanced Ozone technological washing, naturally preserves the greens without the use of preservatives.


"Country Greens are very professional in approach, Their supply of Greens are very fresh and it is always ready to use. I have come across many vendors in veggies but I feel Country Greens are very comfortable and I suggest Country Greens 100%."

- Mrs.Usha Dwaraknath ( Ceebros Garden)

"Very good one... tasty and healthy.. well packed and remains fresh until a week ... Thanks for ur Service ..

- Mrs.Sheela ( VGN Imperia )

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Plot No:1, RA.Nagar, Kanapalayam, Chennai-77.


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